A normie is a term closely related to chiseler. Unlike a chiseler though, a normie is a standup citizen incapable of chiseling. It's a shortened way of saying non-chiseler. It does not imply that you are boring of by anymeans normal in the deragatory sense.
The world would be a better place if it was full of normies.
by Daniel August 12, 2004
One who is not a giftie. A term usually used in school with gifties, by gifties.
Those normies are all the same, blargh.
by chaichai March 23, 2005
person of unusually below average inteligence. Associated with having related parents.
After falling of a bicycle, "Looks like I pulled a normie"
by kung_fool March 02, 2005
Somebody who is not extremely good looking. An average person. (Thanks to Family Guy).
"We call you 'normies.'" - Peter Griffin while a member of the Beautiful People Club
by Tina March 22, 2005

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