Derogatory term used for those with an IQ under 115 and/or without "strange" behavior or mental processes (which include but are not limited to traits of Schizoid Personality Disorder, Autism, OCD, and Social Anxiety Disorder) that often accompany high IQs. Normies are deeply concerned with superfluous matters such as fashion and "normal" TV shows, however, not all people who enjoy such things are normies.
Look at the normies, running around so concerned about their sports and brand-name clothes.

"Did you see the new Jersey Shore episode? That show is so like my life."
"No, I was too busy watching the football game with the crew."
"Well, see ya, I think I am going to go play catch with m' boy"
-A normal Normie conversation
by unrest September 09, 2011
A person who has not experienced a psychedelic drug and the new reality it opens. Someone who isn't aware or could not even begin to understand what else exist besides this reality. Only upon transcending this universe can you undersand what this feeling is. Its like picking between the red or the blue pill.
I tried to explain the effects of mushrooms to a normie, but he could not even begin to relate to my experience.
by TheRedPill November 18, 2012
A person who is not an addict or alcoholic. A person who can drink normally without developing a drinking problem.
Mark is a normie. He doesn't drink or use drugs.
by JenH September 22, 2006
derogatory term for a thin person who does not have an eating disorder
Dr. Kerwin is a normie, so of course he doesn't understand eating 4 quarter pounders with cheese.
by drbillyg April 08, 2011
Being a normie is subjective because it depends on what is considered normal for that particular situation. A normie, therefore, is the act, state, or condition of serving as a pattern, standard, norm or model for which others can reach towards.
Ex: Reaching normie status at an Ivy League college would prove to be far greater than acquiring normie status at a Junior College.
by Normie Jo November 29, 2007
A "normal person" with this "common sense" being able to be careful, but not paranoid, being able to socialize and have friends. knowing facial expressions, not bugging or annoying anyone else
This normie has everything!!
by Lee McKinnis August 20, 2005
Someone who deliberately places themselves outside the wave of what's popular in technology, entertainment, video games, et al (i.e. they not only "don't get it", they "choose not to get it"). Used frequently by gamers, and fans of anime - especially those who frequently participate in cosplaying - to refer to non-fans.
1) I tried explaining the appeal of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya to my parents, but they stopped listening after about twenty seconds. They're such normies.

2) About halfway through the first song she tried on my copy of Guitar Hero, my normie sister threw down the guitar, called it stupid, and walked out of the room.
by Ari Rockefeller January 02, 2008

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