Some who is too normal and set in being normal to understand or comprehend.
Ex) Someone who thinks that emo and goth are the same thing and refuses to accept anything else thus making them a normie.
by Kimmie-Kun September 03, 2011
Top Definition
A person who does not have a mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mood disorders, PTSD, depression or any similar mental disability. "Normie" is a reference to those who are a part of the mainstream culture; the 97% of the population who do not have a mental illness.
Kathryn is bipolar I with psychotic features but her husband is a normie.
by boulevardier March 12, 2010
Someone who embraces mainstream culture. The opposite of hipster.
"There's no way I'm going for a drink at a sports bar in the mall. It'll be filled with normies."
by petiep June 21, 2007
The term used when describing irrelevant people that you come into contact with everyday.
Those who think they're different when really, the just like everyone else and completely unoriginal.
All "Normies" are just generally annoying and should not be allowed to breed with other "Normies" as they're ruining the human race.
"Normies" are just irelevant fucks tbqfh.
"I goto school with all these normies."
by LaurenannGibson August 12, 2011
A person who is probably white, upper middle class, and goes to college and gets decent grades, more so for their study habits and ability to passively memorize and regurgitate than any actual intelligence. Views those less “successful” than them with contempt and those more so with jealousy. Watches whatever TV shows are mainstream and popular at the moment while avoiding anything too violent, offensive, or thoughtful. They have a “safe” sense of humor and probably find South Park extremely offensive but may think Family Guy is clever. Too “cultured” to listen to rap or pop music but afraid of metal, so they listen to indie rock, yet do not have the knowledge of indie rock that a hipster does. May play a few mainstream, popular video games but do not have the knowledge or skill to be considered a gamer or a nerd. A male normie may be a casual fan of sports but lacks the passion of what many would call a jock. Normies may smoke and/or drink occasionally but by no means can be considered the “life of the party”. Normies avoid expressing potentially controversial political or religious opinions and may not have any opinions at all. Painfully mediocre in every way, lacking in what many would say constitutes a personality, and devoid of hobbies or passion for anything aside from doing what they are supposed to do.
"Dude, this guy is a total normie. All he could do was ask how my day was and then talk about school and work. When we ran out of formalities he just started quoting Family Guy. No personality."

"This is such a normie party. Everyone's just talking about their day at work and everyone's too afraid to get sloppy. I said I listened to metal and got looked at like I had two heads."

"This normie girl at school said I was 'very accepting' for having friends that didn't go to college."
by Windrider October 01, 2013
"Normie" refers to people who use popular social media and believes the popular opinion. They don't think for themselves, if something is considered "ok" they'll do it, even if it makes them monsters- they care more about the opinion of the projected "standard" of society than any actual values or beliefs.
"Doesn't this guy know our websites culture? Nah, hes just a normie."
by This just in... July 23, 2015
a derogatory term for a non-disabled person
"That normie almost walked into my wheelchair!"
by gavroche2000 July 23, 2008
Any person that just doesn't get 'it', and isn't aware of how sad it is that they don't get 'it'. A mildly derogatory term used by a member of some elite group to describe people outside of the group.

The 'it' varies widely from group to group; for nerds, normies are people that can't tell kinetic energy apart from their dicks; for geeks, anyone that scoffs at their D&D capes that they wear when they go to Burger-King; hipsters, anyone wearing and American Eagle shirt...

Essentially, 'normies' are the 'muggles' of the world, if the word 'muggles' didn't carry so much harry potter baggage.
Shit nuggets, I miss college. Being surrounded by normies all the time is driving me nuts.
by Euge01 December 27, 2008
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