A band that transcends the genre of hardcore, metalcore, whatever the fuck u wanna calll them, who's breakdowns are legendary, and straight fuck people up.
Me: dude holy shit that breakdown from norma jean's memphis will be laid to waste was the most hardcore breakdown ive ever been a part of.
Friend: Dude holy fuck, my legs are mad tired from two steppin to that shit.
Me: no shit, Norma jean kicks pure unaldulterated ass. fuck those kids who would rather listen to Good Charlotte.
by jumanji. July 29, 2007
Top Definition
complete insanity.
she simply will not die.
by Tom August 08, 2003
the absolute best, most talented, hXc band to ever walk this earth. Bless The Martyr Kiss The Child...born to a virgin to set us free.
They're walking to Wall Street in straight jackets...
by As 1 L4y Dy1ng 0wnz March 30, 2004
1) Marilyn Manroe's real name

2) Fucking best Christian hardcore/metal band to come, spanning 2 albums so far "Bless the Martyr And Kiss The Child" and "O God, The Aftermath", they even have their own BBQ Sauce!

2) You can listen to your stupid emo-punk bands, and be dark all you want, while I tear shit up listening to Norma Jean.
by Duality__ April 09, 2005
hardcore, christian, metal
norma jean is sickkkk
by tom March 14, 2005
Best hXc band ever!
Support Southern Rock!
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
1. The epitome of Christian mathcore/metalcore bands.

2. Referring to a mathcore/metalcore style music.
1. Memphis will be laid to waste.

2. It's not quite norma jean, but it will do.
by NormaJean October 29, 2004
(1)Norma Jean - The place to go for sex
(2)Norma Jean - Marylin Minroe's real name
(3)Norma Jean - Josh Scogin's/Cory Brandon's Band that will make you want to masterbate.
(1)Lets go to Norma Jean's for 'fun'
(2)Norma Jean is hotter then you, hunny.
(3)I heard Norma Jean and I decided all other bands suck compared to them,
by €Dstin» April 04, 2006
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