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A quick pronunciation of Newark, often used by many people who live in the area.
Yo, you wanna go to Nork?
Nah man, I'm just gonna go into the City (New York City).
by Maplehood May 27, 2005
25 572
a person who is a nerd and a dork
After dancing around the room, Tom was definetly a nork.
by CAnneBrigid March 27, 2007
22 574
nork new jersey
I live in Nork New Jersey
by nutjob October 22, 2003
20 572
An intelligence term to used to describe someone of North Korean descent. Also, a humourous thing to call any Asian, especially Koreans.
How do I know you're not a Nork?!
Finish your dinner, don't you know that there are are 20 million starving Norks?
Operation Nork Freedom
by tee-dawg April 30, 2003
18 572