Women's breasts.

Origin unknown, but in common use in Australia for many years.
"At Helene's party, during which her sensational norks are practically on the table among the sweetmeats...." Clive James, The Observer, 22 Oct 1972. (Clive James is an expat Aussie working in the UK.)
by Terry Walker September 08, 2004
A person who is not only nerdy, but also dorky.
You're such a nork!
by ImEmthespellerHOKAY July 30, 2011
someone who walks without a corresponding arm swing. more sad than ridiculous - socially isolated - we all know him.
that guy's walking the nork
by nebiru100 December 15, 2011
Someone who is both a nerd and a dork
Emily is a nork because she wears glasses and plays D and D
by Krissy420 August 15, 2010
A relative term reserved for exclamation and surprise (usually positive) when referring to a lady's breasts that are blessed beyond fair proportion to her frame.
"Sweet Lord! check out the Norks on that filly"
by mighty mat July 27, 2012
shes got a lovely pair of norks
by captain big balls October 11, 2011
/NOR/th /K/orean. Popularized by the game Homefront.
We've got Norks in the Hooters!
by JbzQuiazsa March 30, 2011

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