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A name derived from similar origin to deathbreath & other various oral disorders.
A Norch is what we commonly refer to as an instance where an individual has an unbearable scent forming from the mouth area/region. A scent that is likened to the manure produced from a diseased horse.
"dude did you see what that guy just did?" "no what?" "he just did a norch".... "yeah?".. "yeah, dude when he spoke this raw jibber, it was like someone had just dropped a twinkie inside that dudes mouth!"... "no shit man"
by Signor Swine August 30, 2007
To jab someone really hard in the neck
Jillian was norched so hard she couldn't speak
by norcher January 16, 2015
A young male (normally aged around 20-22 years old) who enjoyes doing homosexual activities with friends (of the same sex) such as showering and spooning. A norch does all these activities and pretends they are quite funny and just a joke, when all along he has one and one thing only in mind- Dick
Friend 1: Jesus man i cant beleive that guy showered with his best mate and shampooed his hair, thats some fucked up shit

Friend 2: What a norch
by Matthias Kaden January 10, 2007
The act of showing cleavage, generally measured by the size of the coin you can slip into the crack
John is showing at least nickel-norch tonight.
by bri03 June 22, 2005
The male "taint" the area between the testicles aka "boys" and the anus aka the "stink star". also known as the neither region.
dude 1: man, she touched my norch

dude 2: your norch?

dude 1: yeah you know it's norch your balls nor your ass!
by The real Hoss June 02, 2006

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