1. an on-going phone conversation including lack of talking and conversation.

1. the act of participating in a no-pho.
1. jessica: "..."

amber: "..."

jessica: "MOM! whats for dinner?"

amber: "(singing to herself)"

2. jessica: "..."

amber: "well your doing some major "no-pho ing" tonight."
by tweetybird219 January 03, 2011
Top Definition
Derogatory term for somebody who chooses to represent themselves on a social networking site with only the default 'no photograph' picture.
Plural: nophos
As a transitive verb: noph
Jim (no picture): You're all a bunch of tottering onion-eyed bugbears!
Bob: Silly nophos, when will they learn.

Jim liked to noph around the MySpace forums because he could say and do anything without ever worrying about a picture, adding friends, or even completing a profile.
by mc_incid March 07, 2008
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