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Exceptionally large and loose vaginal lips, which dangle far from the vaginal opening and prodigiously produce queefs during vaginal intercourse. Basically the female equivalent of low hangers.
Dude, I got all shitfaced drunk last night, and ate out Maria. She's got noozies that hang down to her knees!
by Steve Scarabin June 15, 2009
The act of taking a duce...aka a bowel movement.
Jake: Be right back man, I gotta take a nasty noozy.
by Eclipse March 11, 2005
Someone from New Zealand, "Noozyland, land of the Noozys"
Becky: Ted has an accent, but I can't quite figure it out..
Alex: He's a Noozy.
Becky: Ah, that's the one!
by CrayolaFtw June 01, 2009
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