To finish work/school early and frequent your local bar/pub/tavern and partake in afternoon drinking.
We'll get this job done early and go for noonies.
by Chubby McButterpants February 12, 2011
The point at which chaos, nihilism, The bizarre and an implicit legacy of devastation meet and merge.
This music is really noony ballony
by Julia Worley August 11, 2003
pair of mammary glands extending from the front of the chest of an adult human females, yes...boobies
Wow, look at them "noonies" on that babysitting babe ,ABTFY54
by ABTFY54 June 05, 2006
knickers, pants, undies, grundies, skids,
I/you forgot to put your noonies on.
by Alibongo August 22, 2006
male testicles
Damn, it's so cold outside, I am freezing my noonies off.
by anonymous May 02, 2004
The point at which chaos, The bizarre and an implicit legacy of devastation meet and merge: my little girl's front bottom.
"Mommy, mommy! n-n-NOONY!"
"What is it, honey?"
"Gosh! I just...NOONY BANOONY!!!"
"Oh, honey, -sob- I'm all agog."
by Naom Chomsky August 12, 2003
Directly following on from any banoony instance.
"inevitably the noony ensued."
by Jody Hoskins August 16, 2003

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