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The point at which chaos, nihilism, The bizarre and an implicit legacy of devastation meet and merge.
This music is really noony ballony
by Julia Worley August 11, 2003
8 17
a female genitalia,thats right,you heard me
wow,your noony is so tizzite!
by pyro_siris December 29, 2004
76 31
The female genitalia. The vagina.
Sasha bit his sisters noony *gasp*
by PaulCabby March 03, 2006
32 24

1) cute, adorable, lovable, cuddly.
Generally conveying the sort of maternal emotion that a mother would feel towards a baby, and primarily used by teenage girls to refer to something small and baby-like to which they feel affection.

2) Said (or "squealed" is a more accurate word) when the speaker feels the affection described by noony(1) and wants to vocalise this affection. Once again, primarily used by teenage girls.
Omg!!! Did you see those puppy's little legs? They were so noony!!!
by A-Døgg January 27, 2011
12 9
The most amazing girl in all of existence. Cute, sweet, loving, caring, understanding, smart, creative, brave, funny, nice, makes life worth living, loyal, committed, wonderful, shy, faithful, willing, unique, respectful... etc. Nothing and no one can compare to her. Irreplaceable. There's no limit to her love. Totally limitless. I appreciate everything that she has done for me. Deserves praise. Eventually I will marry her. There's no one i want more than Noony. She is mine, and I am hers, forever. <3
I love you, Noony.

Person A: Look! A cute Asian girl!
Me: Yeah, that's my Noony.
by ShedlessGirl June 25, 2011
9 9
A charming and rather twee word to describe testicles.
He said my thighs were fat ..................so I kicked him in the noonies.
by CazDee September 18, 2006
21 22
My little girls private front bottom.
Mummy, my NOONY is sore
by lesley April 26, 2003
31 33
To finish work/school early and frequent your local bar/pub/tavern and partake in afternoon drinking.
We'll get this job done early and go for noonies.
by Chubby McButterpants February 12, 2011
5 8