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A sexii bitch with atitude
I want to fuck dat noonan, she so feisty
by Juan gomez gonzalez May 29, 2009
Noonan: Verb; A repeated mistake, to do something wrong repeatedly.
I made another Noonan on my math homework.
That girl was such a Noonan.
by Dr4g0nk1ng February 24, 2009
1)verb.the act of taking a shit
2)verb. to have sex vigerously with many anonamous romans, all dudes, and all anal insertion.
3)verb. the act of combining definitions 1 and 2.
"dude you just got noonaned."

"hey man after work you wanna go back to my room and noonan"

"i gotta go to the john and take a noonan."
by j walt March 26, 2007
for one to get so drunk that one pukes on himself/herself
i ruined my members only jacket cause i noonaned, but hell i had a good time. but my mom is going to be pist.
by ed noonan March 06, 2005