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Just anoother way of saying 12:30 PM
It's noon thirty-lunch break's over.
by Yobyffej April 28, 2012
An easier way to explain it is 30 minutes past noon, rather than it turning into a hour long debate about when it becomes AM and PM
Mike-I came in for work at twelve thirty
Jackass-You guys are still open then?
Mike-Noon Thirty penis breath
by J-reed September 23, 2007
half past noon
Cool we'll kill babies at noon-thirty.
by Evan Moore March 04, 2004
How about we meet you for lunch at noon thirty?
by Curtis X meyer December 08, 2010
An indefinite time between 12 Noon and 1 PM, roughly close but not necessarily at 12:30 PM, usually within 10 minutes of that time.
I ate lunch at around noon or noon thirty, then went home for a siesta. Damn, I love sleeping...
by stratifymecaptain March 02, 2008
Thirty minutes past the 12 hour of the day.

Alternate uses: Noon (add number between 00 and 59).

Ex. Noon Seventeen

Phrase commonly used when time is of the essence , and/or when in a formal environment.
Person sans watch: Say dog, What tha time is?

Person with watch: Noon Thirty.

Person sans watch: Already cuz.
by BHOLT January 12, 2010