A mini nook.
She went to read on her nookie.
by ThePokeMaster666 March 17, 2013
n) see pussy, vagina, muff, beef, clam,poonta, ect...
"I did it all for the nookie, so you can take that cookie and stick it up your ass."
by mickey brown March 05, 2007
Sex, naked cuddle.Something you do when you haven't seen your husband all week and you are both stressed out because of your responsibilities. You go back to bed on the weekend and just nookie.
c'mon...no more fights...let's go have a nookie.
by nooknoodle October 04, 2005
It was April 1971, Vietnam was full-on.
I was talking to a girlfriend who was trying to decide whether to stay with me or go back with her boyfriend who was about to return from Nam. I somewhere got tongue tied between Fuck and Naughty. Somewhere between thought process and sound "Nookie" popped out. She said, "What'd you just say?" We both laughed, I immediately started using the word at every opportunity. The month was April.
An inoffensive simily to replace what was, at that time, an offensive word ie:Fuck.
by Rob Saddington April 07, 2004
"I'm gonna' get some nookie tonight."
by x January 31, 2003
other word for clit
suck my nookie... but don't use ya teeth, okay?

hey babe, will you do me favor? No? ...so will you do it for my nookie? oh, thanks!
by Lisa June 15, 2003
the act of masturbating, usually in a public place where one might be caught (i.e., going into a corner or "nook").
Mall security today caught a man giving himself nookie in the kiddie's playhouse.
by Stretchyface October 21, 2005
A game in which a bunch of guys take turns to masturbate and ejaculate on a cookie. The person who takes the longest time before ejaculating has to eat the cookie.
Dude, lets go and play nookie together with Bob.
by Johnny February 15, 2005

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