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A comfortable, dark,spot often furnished with pillows and low lighting. Used for nooking. Found in houses of cool dudes (or dudettes). Preferably has a window looking out onto a wonderful view, but is not necessary.
Holy shit, this nook is perfect for nooking!
by GLoUiSs143 February 08, 2005
I want her nook.
by ll November 09, 2003
So did you nooks her?
by Yourherbivore April 08, 2009
A hilarious nickname given to cheap dirty Russians.
Nooks: Can you hit me on ONE bowl?

Gracious friend : Damn you Nooks ya cheap bastard.
by Nooksdem January 03, 2014
Friendly term for buddy
I'll talk to you later! Peace Nooks!
by Hales August 15, 2004
Something Cool, Great, Awesome, Sweet
"Hey look 20$!" "Nooks!!"

"Hey your invited to my party this weekend"
by Mgcmonkey October 07, 2009
Nooks is something great, or a cool black person, who really does not have to be completly black but just dark in skin. Who acts him self, doesn't follow trends or anything. Nooks is pronoucned like Books but with an N and not like Nukes. Nooks came from a Legendary man Named Neal Hilton who is awesome.
I'm hanging out with Nooks!!
thats my nooks.
Nooks is cute
Nooks is hot
lets get Nooks
by Nooks September 04, 2006
if u got nooks then u got a nut
yo playa did u get your nooks last night. yeh i fucked that bitch.
by O-Dog August 11, 2003