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feeling silly and falsely drunk, causing one's legs to feel like noodles.
Tripping, excessive laughter, paranoia, and temporary hinderance of motor skills usually occur.
I went out last night and I felt so noodly!
by skinsaddict March 29, 2009
25 8
Being of or like a noodle; wobbly, tired, floppy, drooping onto the person next to you.
"Look at that noodly woman, she can barely stand with her noodly legs"
by Cluck Cluck January 19, 2006
40 19
Description of a person who is intoxicated. thier limbs display noodle like behavior.
person a: I want to get noodly tonight!
person b: do you remember what happened last time?
peson a: ... no?
by iluvspinach4life April 22, 2010
3 10
inconsistent, unreliable, flip-floppy. Noodly behavior is motivated by vanity, desire for personal glory or some other selfish reason.
That bassist is overplaying. He's being noodly.
by DrTal August 16, 2007
7 14
when your penis is not erect
this complies with both sexes
Sarah: eww hanns why is your penis soo noodly!
Hanns: hold on give me a sec ill get it up
by d and hizzle April 19, 2008
3 13