An entertaining past-time and way to get rid of the food left over from your picnic dates, in which case you throw it on your neighbors car. or dump it in your other neighbors mailbox.
we didn't finish our food on our date, so we went and noodle'd.
noodle'd- past tense for noodling.
by dsfiogh August 05, 2008
a more offensive and effeminent form of canoodling, noodling often occurs in public and is usually undertaken by older men attempting to take advantage of younger girls. While the perpetrator may not in everday life be a noodle, he often assumes the persona of a noodle in carrying out his noodling.
I saw him noodling with that freshmen all over the dance floor last night.
by Mid-day January 15, 2007
A slang reference for the word canoodling, refering to any type of sexual activity. Often used by my boyfriends little sister when trying to say canoodling.
"Hey you two, stop noodling!"
by mklovescheer August 02, 2007
the act of taking a noodle from a pool, and driving around stalking people, then attacking them with the noodle
Noodle that bitch! hell yeah
by matt November 18, 2004
To start fingering a woman and when wiggling your fingers, feel for a fetus to bite, fishhook it, then pull it out of the vagina and hold it up like the catch of the day!
Last night I caught a 8lb fetus while noodling.
by CfromT October 01, 2007
When you are in bed with a girl and you start fingering her under the covers with your pinky and ring finger in her butthole, and your middle finger and index finger in her vagina, and use your thumb to play with her clitoris. a complex procedure requiring the whole hand, lots of focus, and will power since she's under the covers and you have to go in blind. Much Like blindly fishing for catfish bare handed this maneuver is fishing for snapper.
"I walked in on Jeremy noodling Jen. He had his hands full"

"I hear rumors that Jen was in Jeremy's bed last Tuesday when Jeremy started noodling. Good for Jeremy, Jens a real catch"
by Bpk814 September 27, 2015
Lurking. Leaving batshit random comments on posts. posting bizarre haikus. Amazing ninja smoke.
"I'm not stalking, I'm lurking."

by Noodles Swizzlestyx September 25, 2015

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