The term of losing one's legs (balance) after the consumption of a copious amount of THC. This person will fall as if their legs were that of a puppet. They usually will not remember falling.

Signs of noodling: One begins to sweat drammatically, they lean against an object as if they are about to fall, or they seem too quiet to be good.

FALLING could lead to serious injury. Please be sure that your friends do not noodle! Noodling seems to reboot the person and they are back to normal. GIVE THESE PEOPLE WATER & FOOD when munchies give in.
Me: "Damn Haresh, you just smoked a lot, you all right?"

H: "Yeah dude i'm fine."

Me: "Oh shit! he's about to noodle!"

Everybody: "OH FUCK! how did his legs just give out like that? ... fucking noodling is dangerous. "
by jwowtittytittybangbang November 07, 2011
When you poke your cock out the hole of your boxers thus allowing it to breath and receive fresh air.
I was just playing xbox live and noodling when my mom walked in, it was quite a shocker.

When no one is home i make sure to do a little noodling around the house.
by sandgalaxy9 November 23, 2009
The act of Fabio making noodles. This definition came to be in the internet series, "Mano a mano en el bano" featuring Fabio battling Isaiah Mustafa for the spot as the Old Spice guy.
Adam: "Dude, did you see Fabio noodling in mano a mano en el bano?"

Dan: "Yeah man, I felt gay after watching that" -_-
by Nenny524 July 27, 2011
The art of aimlessly searching the internet much longer than you ever intended to.
I was going to just check my email, but I ended up noodling for five straight hours.
by noodle master March 28, 2010
The constant movement and flailing of limbs and head attributed to heavy methamphetamine use. Often characterized by sudden movements, such as jerking one's arms out from the body as if trying to pull up long sleeves off your arms, although you are undoubtedly shirtless or wearing a wife-beater. Actions that require fine-motor control (such as lighting your cigarette) become exaggerated and theatrical in appearance.
Although Frank claimed he wasn't tweaked out of his mind, his uncontrollable noodling was a dead giveaway to the sheriffs.

At first the crowd thought Danny was going to start break-dancing, but they soon realized he was just noodling.
by GTAircooledVW March 16, 2010
When you take some hits out of the gravity bong and get so high your legs have caterpillars and bats inside of them. Side effects that may occur; burning makeup and sobbing and need of aid of friends.
I took 5 hits out of the gb and was totes noodling around my dorm. I thought I was going to die.
by Erin Lenz December 02, 2012
Playing an instrument while someone is talking and continuing to play after asked to stop
If Curly keeps noodling Backdraft can't get his point across.
by Merglyn January 27, 2012

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