To fish for catfish using your bare hands.
Let's go noodling!

When you noodle that 14 incher up i'll have the net ready for yah.
by Chris Koehne February 18, 2005
Thinking about something, contemplating it, similar to "using your noodle", i.e., brain. To ponder something...
Here is a list of things I've been noodling over the last few months...
by dan lundmark March 16, 2005
When you take some hits out of the gravity bong and get so high your legs have caterpillars and bats inside of them. Side effects that may occur; burning makeup and sobbing and need of aid of friends.
I took 5 hits out of the gb and was totes noodling around my dorm. I thought I was going to die.
by Erin Lenz December 02, 2012
The act of Fabio making noodles. This definition came to be in the internet series, "Mano a mano en el bano" featuring Fabio battling Isaiah Mustafa for the spot as the Old Spice guy.
Adam: "Dude, did you see Fabio noodling in mano a mano en el bano?"

Dan: "Yeah man, I felt gay after watching that" -_-
by Nenny524 July 27, 2011
An game where your aim is to noodle any fellow Noodlers, by push them hard against a wall/bush/door, you can only successfully noodle someone if they are not touching the wall/bus/door. If you successfully noodle someone you shout NOODLE! Variations of the noodle include the DOUBLE NOODLE, in which one person, in one move, successfully pushes two people against a wall/bush/door.
Person A: I just was noodling and got two people at once
by Smithlc May 12, 2010
An act of the sexuality variety between two people.

Verb: noodling
Noun: noodler
adverb: noodlewise
adjective: noodlish
Stop noodling all over my couch. It's really nasty and I still haven't gotten the stains out from the last time.
by noodlefritz February 03, 2012
Blindly looking for a date, often out of desperation, at a bar or club with the bottom-feeders of society hoping you won't get bit too badly. Similar to method of catching catfish by sticking your had in a murky lake until a catfish bites it.
He was having such bad luck with the ladies, he went noodling at a seedy bar to find a date.
by bunker bomb August 21, 2009
-the act of submersing yourself in a body of water in hopes of catching a catfish. The trick to it is to use your dinkus, rod, or penis as bait.
We went noodling down in Arkansas in the rivers. 'I caught me a big 'ol catfish on my dick!'
by BoscoSuperDude August 06, 2008
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