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Noodle is a word for someone who is a mufuka,fool or just acting noob like.It can also be a word for someone who is uber leet and just plain owns :P.
-Stan is the biggest douche noodle mofo i've ever laid my eyes on.
-Xant is a noodle he totally pwned those people.
-Annette is a noodle.
by NUBFACTA5 August 24, 2006
10 17
In Chandler's words, a combination of the words "new" and "poodle".
You know, your new poodle could be your noodle!
by ' heather; June 28, 2006
7 14
Woman's erect nipples. More discreet term than just screaming nips or nipples to your friends when a set walks by.
It was cold and I saw her noodles.
by Chris Mammarelli August 24, 2005
10 17
ones brain, mind or sense of rational thought.
can also be derogatory.
This sh!t is baking my noodle.
Im losing my noodles.
ya friggin noodle head.
by Sham-master-shane September 17, 2004
10 17
two men rubbing limp dicks together
Watts and danny were playing noodles last night in their bedroom until it turned into a good ole fashion sword fight
by TearDrop February 07, 2004
28 35
1. Tonal variation while singing.

2. To add multiple grace notes of variable intonation not explicitly evident in a piece of music; often ad hoc.
Christina Aguilera noodles during the song "Beautiful"; she effectively adds multiple notes that are not present in the original musical score.
by Rocky C April 29, 2007
3 11
A hippie dance which includes a unrehearsed series of pelvic thrust, head bobs, and fist pumps, sometimes includes twirls and flailing arms.

*Usually done where jam bands, jazz, or funk concerts are taking place. Can be done at a frat house, or an off-campus house where frat members live, and where Panic, or another Jam Band, is playing loud on a stereo and drinking is going on.
Damn, that wookie really must like that Panic song...look at how hard he's noddling!
During her noodle, she keep rubbing her ass against me.
by J Guido September 19, 2006
11 19