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short for noodle, could also be a wet noodle

or used as any random insult
"my arms are like noods!"

"dude, no, she is such a nood."
by thenommer12 January 25, 2012
0 7
Idiot freak

Basically a person who is stupid, or someone who stuffed up.
You're a bloody nood!
by Dubbz December 18, 2004
10 21
short for noodle or noodal. a tall, goofy, lanky, dude who does stupid shit that generally makes everyone else laugh.
Nood! thats the 22nd ked stand tonight. Keep goin dude!
by a ramdom choch August 28, 2003
5 27
slang for noodles

best when used with other foods, so as not to confuse with nudes, making you seem like a fag for saying you like to eat "nudes"
Carissa: "Shane, what should we have for supper?"
Shane: "Chicken and noods, for sure."
by JoeG December 29, 2004
14 75