short for noodle, could also be a wet noodle

or used as any random insult
"my arms are like noods!"

"dude, no, she is such a nood."
by thenommer12 January 25, 2012
Idiot freak

Basically a person who is stupid, or someone who stuffed up.
You're a bloody nood!
by Dubbz December 18, 2004
short for noodle or noodal. a tall, goofy, lanky, dude who does stupid shit that generally makes everyone else laugh.
Nood! thats the 22nd ked stand tonight. Keep goin dude!
by a ramdom choch August 28, 2003
slang for noodles

best when used with other foods, so as not to confuse with nudes, making you seem like a fag for saying you like to eat "nudes"
Carissa: "Shane, what should we have for supper?"
Shane: "Chicken and noods, for sure."
by JoeG December 29, 2004
An abbreviation of the word "noodles".
Hey, you want my mom to make us some noods?
by Saucy Cake January 04, 2016
Nood. I varient of the word "Noob". Nood, however, has taken on a much narrower meaning than it's source. While a noob can be any person who is extremely naive or new to some activity, a nood is someone is is so horrible at that particular activity that they should not even be allowed to participate.
"You're such a nood, you deserve to be banned from the soccer team!"
by Oksajin November 01, 2015

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