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the act of being etremely noobish.
man 1: hey did you play counter strike last night?

man2: sure did and there was this one person being incredibly noobtacular! He Sucked!!
by steven puckett May 24, 2005
Combonation of noob and killtacular.

1)When you kill a noob overall in a game because he sucks so much you can go NOOBTACULAR once the game is over.
2) When your in a game and your team really sucks you can yell that they're making this game a noobtacular
3) When you kill a big group of enemy players 3-4 because they were all acting stupid in a noobish manner.
1) Ha I got a noobtacular on you this man, you suck so much.
2) Jesus they double our score, you guys made this a game a noobtacular.
3) Ha I pwned you noobs, can you say NOOBTACULAR BITCHES!
by alex April 21, 2005

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