Derived from the word noob. Meaning new or inexperienced. Can be used jokingly or as an insult.
(EWC)Cobra : I just got in game, Whats up!
(EWC)InnocntBystndr : Sup Scooby Noobert


llama1 : sry for the TK
(EWC)Achilles : Noobert!
by Innocnt February 10, 2006
Top Definition
An individual who is new to the act or atmosphere of a particular activity, including PC games.
"f4660t n00b3rt 1 r l337
by Genius December 27, 2003
Fancy name for a noob.
K: Hey noobert!
D: huh, thats not my name!
K: Well your a noob.. so that makes you a noobert
D: Oh :(
by glassedpickles September 11, 2011
a person who can not play wow halo and any other game that falls under the nerdy category. also it can be a person that phails in real life
megan is a noobert

bwadwy is a total wow noobert
by 6branden9 January 27, 2009
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