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An individual who haunts everything that is competitive and claims to be the best ever to play, almost godly. There are two legends as to where he got his name, one is that it is an anagram of his actual name, other rumours derive from the fact that every single individual he plays with is christened a 'n00b' by him, friend or foe. Although rare to commit a mistake, in the rare circumstances that he does he relies on the company of an individual named Top Twat to place the blame upon. Proof of his existance is yet to be found (although it has been reported that he once called bog foot a n00b).
Normal person: Good game lads...
nooBru: no, it wasn't... you played shit!
Normal person: I was just sayin.
nooBru: you succcck! n00b!
Normal person: I was on your team!
nooBru: you still suck! and so do you, you obtuse bastard!! (Top Twats)
by Sweaty Goth March 17, 2005
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