Someone who tidies up meticulously to the point of obsessiveness. Named after the hoover in the Teletubbies.
"When we've had a party, your mum turns into a Noo-Noo."
by I Love Tarquin October 26, 2007
Top Definition
A peculiar lifeform masquerading as a vacuum cleaner in the somewhat disturbing childrens TV programme "teletubbies"
"naughty noo noo!"
by GrammatonCleric October 30, 2003
Noo Noo a lover, a fighter a vacuum of all ages. Also known as "The Great Devourer" he exists in the plane of existence known as teletubby land.

He resides with his private harem while he fights against the omni-present god of the realm baby-sun.

Noo Noo is equivalent to 3 Chuck Norris clones in terms of raw power.
Noo Noo, the powerful rolled forth and sucked the laughing baby sun out of the sky. A great darkness fell over the land and all rejoiced to see that Noo Noo was now taking the place of the sun.
by JivingLad April 01, 2010
a vacuum cleaner on the children's program Teletubbies; cleans up after Teletubbies; makes slurping noises
**slurp slurp slurp**
by Gwen Stefani Grrl November 27, 2003
vagina, pussy, minge,

a nickname for a females genitalia
A: can i play with noonoo
B: ok. OOOOooooooAAAAAHHHHhhhhh
by ffh47 April 06, 2006
the hoover guy on tellytubbies
also a pussy
by yjhnytjn January 19, 2012
This is the name of the hoover on the teletubbies shown as a kids programmes in the uk i dunno weva its on in america
Isnt britain just gr8? NOT!
by cheryl June 06, 2004
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