1. Does not believe in the divine because of ignoring the God question and saying that any real explanation offered is irrelevant and inconclusive.

2. A person who hasn't read Peter Kreeft's work.
1. Peter Kreeft can tear apart any nontheist "theory" with simple, logical proof.

2. Jesus is a proven historical figure. Jesus' claim to be God can make Him two things: a good man if He didn't lie, and a bad man if He did. But anyone with sense agrees that He was not a bad man, and hence it leaves only one alternative, that He was a good man.

3. Jesus was either lord, liar or lunatic. He couldn't be a liar, because there was no motivation for His lie. All He got out of it was torture and a cruel crucifixion. He couldn't be a lunatic, because He was certainly a wise, creative, and intelligent teacher. Therefore, His psychological profile was opposite to that of a lunatic. Because the other two possibilities are eliminated, Jesus was Lord, and the Bible is therefore taken as authoritative holy scripture, not a fill-in-the-blank-holy-book.
by 0321 September 25, 2006
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