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A strong connection between two people that is imbalanced and never results in a formal relationship, toying with the emotions and ending in sexual tension that is never resolved.
I need to end this nonlationship because when you sleep in my bed every night, it plays with my head.

Girl, you need to get out of that nonlationship and get laid.

Person 1: Why does everyone think we are dating?
Person 2: Because we spend every waking moment together.
Person 1: It's not like we're in a relationship.
Person 2: That's because we are in a nonlationship.
by Nonlationship victim February 26, 2012
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When you are in relationships with some girl/boy but you meet very rarely,once or twice a week,cause of work/study/distance.Meanwhile you can date with someone else.
- Did Nicolas break up with Deana? I saw him with another girl.
- No,they are just in nonlationships.
by Stasyan93 May 09, 2015
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1.) A relationship that didn't happen, but might as well have because the emotional attachment was so strong.

2.) A relationshit that didn't go anywhere the whole time you were together.
1. Dude 1: Dude, I was totally into this chick and I thought we were about to kick it off. Then she got a girlfriend.

Dude 2: That sucks bro, sorry bout your nonlationship.

2. Duder 1: We were together for a whole MONTH and shit didn't happen! We weren't that close, I didn't really know her, and shit man, I didn't get laid!

Duder 2: Damn, dude, I HATE those nonlationshits!
by Skye Daemon November 23, 2009
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