A non-conformist is someone so obsessed with being different that they go to great lengths to avoid social norms; typically, you can identify them in a shopping mall because they all dress alike, listen to the same non-conformist music, and read the same non-conformist literature.

As it happens, it is also non-conformist to have any sense of self-awareness or irony beyond surface-level sarcasm and "snark".
"Who the hell are those guys?"
"They're the non-conformists."
"How can you tell?"
"Because they've all got blue hair and nose-rings."
by PaulTheGreater August 15, 2015
A term often used poorly by people.
Conformity and nonconformity is a spectrum that one exists on. Each have their ups and downs and neither absolute is possible for normal people.

A conformist tends to go along with society's rules more often than most, and tends to do so uncritically. Everyone who is not a psychopath conforms a little. And part of having good manners, morals, and behaviors is conforming to rules set down by people who are long dead and built the society you live in (and probably knew better than you).
A non-conformist is more elusive, but it simply is someone who is an individualist and values their own agency. As with conformist, it's not an absolute for normal people. And many non-conformists are wrong because going against the grain has an inherent risk, especially since most people don't know better. Otherwise everyone would do it
There are some paradoxical overlaps. For example, a non-conformist playing nice to appease people is conforming in a sense but is a practical cost of doing business in the real world.

Ultimately it comes down to how often you exercise control over your own life when you can practically do so. And anyone who uses music, or clothes as an example of their nonconformity is kind of a retard.
"Sarah attended that party because her client needed her to. Such a conformist, doing what people want. Not like me. I am a nonconformist!" Whether this is true or not depends on the station of the person saying this versus the station of Sarah. Whoever has more control over their life is the winner so to speak.
by TheWhateverer November 02, 2014
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