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A contradictory term which is only used by conformists themselves. If someone were to actually be a nonconformist (which I find impossible) then they would have no need for both the terms conformism and nonconformism.
I conform to nonconformity.
by *Beep* November 25, 2004
There is no such thing as a nonconformist. It is but a myth. There are so many nonconformists these days, that being a nonconformist would make you a conformist, because you are conforming to being nonconformist. Everyone is trying to be so unique and be nonconforming, that they are being non-nonconformist, resulting in a double negative and causing them to be conformists. To be a nonconformist would thus result in being a conformist.
Steve: I am a nonconformist.
Bob: No. By being a nonconformist, you are a conformist. I am a conformist, therefor I am a nonconformist.
Steve: Genius.
by Kiara Avocado May 20, 2007
something that does not truely exist. The "nonconformists" of the world all act,dress,talk,and think the same. Wasted youth.
The one thing a nonconformist hates more than a conformist is a nonconformist who fails to conform to the laws and standards of nonconformity.
by Jimmy Jazz February 02, 2005
a group of people with nothing better to do than bitch about people who like things, doesnt matter what they like, as long as you like something they hate you. My advice: Pull the stick out of your ass
the fat chick that sits behind me with half her head shaved, and the other half black, wearing a slipknot tee-shirt and smelling like unwashedness
by ethan mcsucksmydick January 18, 2005
A total douchebag, someone who thinks they're cool by creating a negative sterotype of themself. Basically a person with no friends.
Nonconformist: You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because You're all the same.
Jock: No, I laugh at you because you're a pussy.
by Jonny Jewsalot March 07, 2004
a word made up by losers who hate people with lives, definition: people without lives
have a nice day
by AngryMan July 17, 2004