The most retarded, unpleasant conformists alive. In a pathetic attempt to boost their own self-esteem by being "different", nonconformists put down everything that is accepted and liked by mainsteam society. The problem is, this doesn't actually mean they aren't conforming. They're simply conforming to the standards of their counterculture.
I have no problem with people wearing black and listening to bands I've never heard of (common features among "nonconformists". I respect their choice not to "conform". Yet inevitably, they have no respect for my choice to wear pink polo shirts and Coach bags while listening to popular music. They say I'm a conformist-ironically, their friends look a lot more alike than mine do.
by lacoste_lover July 21, 2006
a non-conformist is a person who conforms to being a non coformist all for the sake of not comforming
conformists uhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............?
by mckenzie mick brodie July 12, 2004
A person who has given him or herself this label in an attept to seem original to people who couldn't give less of a shit. See hypocrite.
"Oh my GOD, I hate Britney Spears!! Why? Uhh... I don't know... because she's a slut... uhh she DRESSES like a slut... yeah. Britney is a fad, so I must hate her!"
by Shameless Plug January 09, 2004

1. to act in accord with the prevailing standards, attitudes, practices, etc., of society or a group: One has to conform in order to succeed in this company.
2. to be or become similar in form, nature, or character.

A nonconformist, you would think, is the exact opposite of that definition. That would be implied by the prefix "non".
A nonconformist would not act like a certain group. They would not conform to a certain society. They would just be themselves.

It is impossible to be a non conformist. Notice how people who claim to be nonconformists tend to be humans? Well, if they are, then they are conforming to be human. Therefore, rendering it impossible that they are a nonconformist. That is destroying the definition on a technical level, now comes where it is challenged on a lower level.

It has also occurred to me that whenever I see somebody call themselves a nonconformist, they seem to have an "emo-ish" appearance. Now dont get me wrong, im not saying that this is a problem that they look this way. But it does seem odd that they are saying that they are not conforming to anything when they are obviously part of a group. See the problem here?

The point is. The word nonconformist is stupid. It should not be used to describe a person. It just does not make sense.

Emo Girl: Hey Gerrit, like my new lip ring?
Gerrit: Er... not really. Why did you get that?
Emo Boy: Cause shes a non-conformist. Unlike you!!!
Gerrit: *Shrug*
by SanitysEdge June 25, 2007
A non-existent idea,

-A person that does not conform to musical , social, or fashion trends.

-This cannot exist as everything anyone does is like something someone else has already done. Nothing you dress like will ever be "original" because if it is, it will just look like you are dressing "weird."
-"Nonconformist" 1: I'm a nonconformist because I dress different

-"Nonconformists" 2: I'm a nonconformist because I listen to music you've never heard of

-Normal Person: Isn't listening to different music and dressing different *popular* in itself?

-Both "Nonconformists": WHAT? You're such a conformist, you'll never understand.
by Cy4id3 July 09, 2009
Just because a rectangle claims to be a square doesn't make it true.

That is all.
Goth: I'm so nonconformist!

Me: *edges away*
by God-Emperor April 20, 2008
A person who likes to think they are a rebel by hating the more popular people in schools. Often accusing people of being arrogant, though they themselves are arrogant because they believe their thoughts are more important than others. They often complain about labels and people sticking other people in labels, and then they label others like preps by saying all preps are blonde or shop at A&E. "Non-Conformists" often seem to be goths, rebels with out a cause, or other forms of losers. "Non-conformists" do exactly what they claim not to, they conform to the idea of non conformity. Stop crying cause you want to be unique, everyone has to conform to something so just pick one and stop crying!
Non-Conformist: I sit at home, cry and complain about conformity on the internet on saturday nights.
Other Person: That's stupid.
Non-Conformist: What ever Prep! Why don't you go back to the Abercombie store!
by Joe Smithy October 02, 2005
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