MEAN PEOPLE who like killing animals and take pleasure in eating poor dead animals. they are usually inconsiderate towards vegetarians and mock the lifestyle.

some vegetarians will consider this as "cannibalism" because killing animals is killing mammals and humans are also mammals.
non vegetarians tend to NOT care about the enviornment as much as vegetarians.
Vegetarian woman: aw i love cows!
non-vegetarian man: yes.. they are delicious.
by treehuggeranimallover January 31, 2010
Top Definition
1. Supporter of the most important creature of all: A hungry person.

2. A supporter or activist who is strongly pro-taste bud.

3. People who care for the environment by eating the excess animals.

4. One who feels that spending $7.99 for jumbo soy protein sausages in a recession is a poor lifestyle choice.
Vegetarian: You're having veal? They kill poor baby cows to make that! You might as well be eating a puppy!

Non-Vegetarian: You're obviously a vegetarian.

Vegetarian: Why? Because I object to the murder of living creatures?

Non-Vegetarian: No. If you'd ever had a puppy, you'd know that they're all stringy.
by H. Ott Dog July 11, 2010
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