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1. One who practices courage, bravery, and heroism.
2. An anti-coward activist.
*See hero
The non-coward overcame adversity and defeated the evil adversary.
by Brandon P. October 14, 2005
Someone who faces their fears head on. One who is not a coward.
RJ, Brandon, Pat, Matt, and Henry are all noncowards. Jake, however, is a coward.
by Voorhees 406 (RJ) October 13, 2005
Should all die and burn in hell. If Satan doesn't have enough fire left for them to burn on, they'll be flayed until the organs are exposed. Then they are shot in what is left of the face, testicles, and another round in the face. Look who's the winner now, you twats?

Also see: narcissistic douchebags
Washed Up Non-Coward: Hey gang, lets all beat up that shy kid over there, because he's all weird and different! Maybe once we've killed him, I can feel less insecure about myself!
by The above statement is true. September 21, 2007

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