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a chick gives you a hand job
she was on the the rag so i got a non dairy creamer
by daymn March 05, 2004
A woman with giant breast implants.
"Damn, did you see the non dairy creamer over there!"
by jimmyinu November 02, 2005
The white stuff that comes from a dude.
I've been wackin ur sweet spot for long enough baby, now let me have some of that sweet non dairy creamer.
by Cockass July 05, 2007
the act of making jizz McCum... when you feel the urge to splurge and pop one off, when you do the big M and make Semen A.k.A non-dairy creamer...
Creamer= jizz
Non-Dairy= cuz it doesnt taste like milk.. trust me..
Johhny made some non-dairy creamer in his pants..
a girl jacks you off
so gave me a non-dairy creamer
by daymn May 18, 2004
The act of jizzing into a milky drink that you are preparing for a friend or partner, and then watching them drink it.
Dude 1: Is it me or does my latte taste of the ocean?
Dude 2: Are you sure you didn't ask for non-dairy creamer?
Dude 1: Fuck, better get tested.
by LivingThrowaway July 19, 2015

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