A derogatory term for heterosexuals. Whereas "mo" is a socially accepted, gay friendly term for homosexual, "nomo" is used to ridicule heterosexual activity and behavior, implying that the individual is not a "mo."
Guy 1: "Yo, I think Adam just made out with a chick......"
Guy 2: "Really? What a nomo..."

Girl 1: "Does this skirt make my ass look big?"
Girl 2: "I don't wanna check out your ass, I'm no lesbo."
Girl 1: "Ugh.. don't be such a nomo.. just tell me if my ass looks fat."
by chillassmo January 07, 2010
Someone who is not a mormon (opposite of "momo").
I thought Justin was nomo, but then I saw the Book of Mormon in his car and realized he was momo.

When I go to Salt Lake City, I feel like everyone can tell I'm nomo just by looking at me.
by Rico Detroit March 01, 2008
A homosexual from Northampton, Massachusetts. May be a resident or frequent visitor.
The gay bar in Noho is always full of nomos.
by willst September 09, 2006
short cut for no motivation
I'm feeling nomo to go to work today.
by oginide April 22, 2008
A dumbass named mo
Mo is a dumb mo!
by S.W April 30, 2003
short for "no mormons". Used against LDS students throughout the west because they get preferential treatment in schools.
Joey: There goes a mormon!

Joey and Clive: NO MO!!

Sheltered mormon kid: Huh?
by David J. Hernandez May 24, 2005

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