Nomo - a male who is in the closet and extreme against homosexuality; when in reality he is gay!
Did you hear about Brian that extreme anti gay activist? He got caught recently making out with a guy. What a NoMo!
by Dimples701 September 07, 2013
the ex-spouse of a present spouse. present husband's ex-wife.
My nomo does not pay any child support.
by zeepascal April 20, 2011
1) one-word way of saying you're welcome.

Pronounced: nomo (like homo)
Hey, thanks for the ride, John.
Nomo, Derek.
by Susie Locksmith October 26, 2010
A homosexual who chooses to be straight for the social perks alone—the companionship, the affirmation, the status. Until the homosexual gets really drunk and tries to go home with a member of the same sex.
Josh is the front man to a mildly successful post-punk band and a total nomo. He only sleeps 18 year old girls but occasionally gets really drunk and goes home with a dude but keeps it a secret but everyone knows.
by feasta feasta December 17, 2009
Someone who is mistaken for a homosexual.

Commonly mistaken to men who keep in touch with their femine side but has no feelings towards men.

Somewhat of a metrosexual.
Pablo: Damn, he has nice style.
Alice: Maybe he's gay.
Pablo: No, he was just then kissing his wife. This mo is a Nomo.
by Dennisrollsover December 16, 2009
Noun meaning someone who is not a homosexual. Usually used in a masculine sense but my also apply to lesbians.
Nathan: "This is my girlfriend, Hannah."
Nathan's friend: "I told you he was a nomo."
by jacobpaulbby June 03, 2009
Someone who is not a mormon (opposite of "momo").
I thought Justin was nomo, but then I saw the Book of Mormon in his car and realized he was momo.

When I go to Salt Lake City, I feel like everyone can tell I'm nomo just by looking at me.
by Rico Detroit March 01, 2008
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