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An exam taken by London taxi drivers before they are legally allowed to own and drive a "black cab".
Nolly "Alright lads - I just saw this bloke riding round on John's moped, I think he was taking the nolla"
by thacreeper November 30, 2009
9 10
Word used by posh southern ladies when referring to a gentleman's testicles. From nuts + bollocks + goolies.
'The Archbishop of Can-terbury's shoes were so shiny that when he lifted his arms up to crown me Queen of Great Britain and all her Common-wealth Dominions, I could see his big hairy nollies reflected in them.' (HM the Queen, interviewed by Howard Stern)
by Moose McEvil December 06, 2005
9 8
prolly not
You goin to class today? Nolly.
by Womz August 31, 2010
2 10