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when you are so hungover it hurts to breath
"oh fuck im nolds"
by air-poos December 04, 2009
Nold’s are powerful mystical beings born out of conflict and able to do battle with any deadline!
Oh man that guy Matthew from Native is such a Nold!
by Donny Meow Meow January 15, 2014
An adjective created by combining the words "New" and "Old". It is usually used to describe a store-bought item that has been obtained months before, but hasn't been used.

Clothing is a common example, usually depicting a shirt or pair of pants that has been hanging in your closet for months without being worn.
A common statement made while wearing a Nold shirt:

"I've had this shirt for months, but this is the first time I have worn it"

or possibly:

"This Nold shirt still wreaks of that 'New Shirt' smell"
by Striker21 April 25, 2006
1. Tae-Woong Jung.

2. A Korean.

3. A Korean with no life.
So many nolds in Cebu.
by mjac July 24, 2011