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When a person comes really close to getting a blow job.
Man, I totally took this girl out and payed for everything, but then I got a nojob.
by janetraynaynay July 22, 2009
A depressing lack of "other" jobs including hand, blow, etc... See marriage.
Life is a bit a depressing facing the aspect of no jobs from here on out.
by dedgsus July 24, 2011
noun. When a girl is so unattractive that, despite employing desperate measures to come on to you or make you blatant sexual offers, you still ultimately deny her. It is then customary to tell everyone you and her know about her desperation coupled with your rejection.
"Magdella was all over me last night. She wanted me so bad she was throwing herself at me."
"Well?? How far did you guys go?"
"Are you kidding me?! She's hobgoblin. I let her give me a no job and that was it."
by Steve^O March 18, 2008

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