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in Persian, "nojan" is a name (can be used as a man's name) & is the name of "evergreen trees family" so it means: "being green & sharp & energic & young forever"
"wish u be nojan": wish u be energic & green (means happy) forever & enjoy your life until the last day of your life
by Nojan Najafi January 12, 2004
New or growing tree (pine)
That's a No-jan growing in the forest there after the fire
by Nojan July 08, 2003
means to fuck a girl with no protection.
I just nojaned yo mama last night.
by Andre S. June 17, 2005
In persian this is the worst thing you can call someone. It means to be a fob.
Tufan:Your a Nojan
Ramin:Im not Nojan,Im Ramin(Human)
by Tufan Turk April 18, 2006
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