"nice!", but said like a meathead for effect
I got a C+ in Basic Math. Noice!
by Herb N. Dictionary October 28, 2002
A way to agreeing to something if it is funny or disguisting
"I smell terrible"

"It was so funny"
by AlexSwag May 22, 2016
The word "Nice" but in an Australian accent meaning you like it, but its going to try to kill you.
Mom: What do you think about chocolate cake?
Me: Noice
by Erif Embersoul March 11, 2016
A way to accentuate the word "nice".
Person 1: "I just found the dankest memes bro!"
Person 2: "NOICE!"
by Leg123 January 15, 2016
Good to the tenth degree.
I was thrown a free xbox yesterday. That is pretty "noice",
by CappyBlack June 18, 2011
Nicer than nice, but not as nice as good.
Girl - "Wow, you look noice today."
Guy - "Wait, so I don't look good?"
by Derek Namer April 27, 2016
When something's better than nice, it's noice.
Guy 1: That guy just made a basketball shot from across the room!
Guy 2: Noice!
by Jonathan "Johnny" Jones October 07, 2009
Used to describe an overtly masculine or testosterone fueled action or attitude, often intended to ridicule said masculinity and spoken with a manly gruff voice for effect.
Man 1 - Hey man, did you see my new Ford ute parked out front, i was thinking we could drive it down to the pub and crack open some VB's.

Man 2 - Aww noice!
by pennywisemonkey October 23, 2011
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