"nice!", but said like a meathead for effect
I got a C+ in Basic Math. Noice!
by Herb N. Dictionary October 28, 2002
the jewish version of nice.
Morty: Noice lakkahs!
Steve:shut up
by janitor bob November 30, 2009
better than nice, usually used to describe an action or idea, the o is normally elongated and exagerated to make it "noooooooooice"
"dude, noice!", "that z06 is noice"
by pat{tada} September 09, 2006
Something that is very, very nice! or that you like the sound of.
"ooo patty, hes very NOICE!"
quoted by Rebecca & katie
by rebecca and katie May 03, 2005
another term meaning nice, just said oddly
check out that noice car!
by tim pal February 14, 2005
its a very loud nice
a: i won a million dollars
b: noice
by booh yah July 02, 2011
to describe something very cool, beautiful or great.
She has a very noice butt!!!
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
1. someone with a speach impediment that is trying to say "nice"

2. accidentily hitting the "o" then typing "nice"
That girl over there is noice!
by guy with beard November 10, 2008

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