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a non-derogatory version of nigga, nogga has no racial or ethnic connotations, therefore everyone can be your "nogga" our your "nogga's"
"Hey what up nogga's?"

"Oh, my nogga, how you been?"
by thegibson March 21, 2006
an alteration of Nigga
from the new york/new jersey area
What up Nogga
by Singlesquared November 18, 2003
feet (nogga-foot)
I heard the shoom of his noggas coming down the hall
by Summer November 21, 2003
JeNn H. MaDe Up NoGgA sHe ThInKs ItS pReTTy PiMp. aS dO i.
HeY nOGgA WhaTs ShAkIn
by FrIeNd Of JeNn March 14, 2005
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