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N-O-G-A-S: No One Gives A Shit.
Joe D.:So, last night, we were hazing like six pledges and putting his balls in a clamp and one of them said "ouch" but I was just like "You better shut up, pledge!" And then I put ketchup on his face and laughed. BlahBlahblah. Then my girlfriend came over and we ate some popcorn.
Matt:Oh...um, cool.
Me: Dude, fucking nogas.
by The disconnected dot. March 17, 2006
no exaggeration, or no joke
Its -13 outside, no gas.
by mtcagain January 30, 2011
Acronym for 'No One Gives A Shit'. Generally used when an individual has just blurted out something completely stupid or moronic. This term has been glorified by the members of #teamtalia and class.
Everyone in the room: Nogas.
by #teamtalia January 07, 2013
1. Yoga pants when worn by a woman of inappropriate size.
"Did you see the size of that moose knuckle? She shouldn't be wearing noga pants!"
by Im_pilot May 25, 2013
when you and a friend gather for yoga, but instead what you actually do is sit, drink coffee, and chat.
Rossy and I planned on yoga in the morning, but we ended up doing noga instead.
by chaudcross June 22, 2014
When your semi- carefully crafted toga breaks at an inopportune time.
"I was dancing when all of a sudden, NOGA!.......Not wearing any underwear may have been a bad call."
by Dusro Tull September 27, 2009