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Derogatory Filipino word for a black person, equal to saying nigger. It is commonly used between Filipino when referring to black (African) people. Most Filipino are scared of black people and are overtly racist towards them.
Joan said to Mary, " Hey lets go across the street, there is a group of nog-nog ahead." "Yeah, they are so scary right, I don't want to get raped by nog nog," said Mary.
by tangwuclan February 16, 2011
Person that cant do anything right, doesn't belong, always finds a way to fuck something up.

Origin: Started by one legendary man that works at a large uniform company. NOG stood for --Not Our Garment.
Joe this is the third time this week that you are late with these reports, man you are one fucking nognog.
by montauk November 01, 2007
Blowjob, head, dome, getting ya dick sucked
"Just got some nog nog"

"That bitch is good at nog nog"
by Rick March 16, 2004
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