A celebratory phrase yelled upon completion of an awesome task, especially that of intercourse.

Similar to the phrase "score"
-Dude, do you that hott chick from Bob Evans?
-Yeah, why?
-I tapped that.
by JimSmith3 January 10, 2011
1. n. semen

2. v. to cause semen to be ejaculated, e.g. by masturbation of the penis.

3. v. to ejaculate semen onto or into a person.
Nog me, daddy. You know what it means.
by Hal Jackson May 09, 2006
Short for Noggin, some one who has done something silly and idiotic.

Only to be used when you cant be bothered to say noggin.
omgss. you are such a nog, you didnt put the milk in the tea!
by jenjen0204 August 31, 2009
semen, sperm, cum, skeet, or anything pertaining to male ejaculation juice.
My dad said he was going to pull out before he nogged, however, 9 months later I was born.

She was giving me head so I nogged her in the eye and yelled "Boom!!! Headshot."

"I'll give you a dollar to drink my nog."

My mom said she got raped and nogged on when she was in college.
by himcanswim July 20, 2009
Another word for Puke. This word comes from the phrase egg nog.
Dude I just nogged all over Mikes face! it was awesome!
by J-QUAD November 16, 2007
a term that can be used to describe something as disgusting.
"Dude that girl left a huge puddle of nog on my bed last night"

"Shannon is nog"

"Shannon's saggy, pankake titties are nog"

"I just nogged my pants"

"Ew, dude that was noggie"
by t strange December 16, 2006
Used when comunicating via text, usually in a 'live' situation (irc, IM etc), that you have heard, recieved or understood a statement or comment.

Unlike replying "cool" or similar, it does not infer that you agree or disagree or allocate it a positive or negative emotion, merely that you have noted it.

Interchangable with "nod", of which it is an intentional manipulation.
Use of both nod and nog prevents spamming of one reply and immediately informs the person being replied to that the user is awake and listening, not just nodding dumbly.

Nog replies can be used solely as an 'I understand' word in the form of "noggle". This is the inverse of "boggle", where you do not.
Albert: exactly... it's getting further than anything ever before... to the point where the solar wind slows as it hits the stellar plasma
Bob: nod

Bob: Ok, I've uploaded the re-written php and sorted all the tags out. The main vars have all changed, watch out.
Albert: noggle
by aioue_tp April 05, 2005

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