A really cute name for any dog. An affectionate way to refer to your puppy. Typically nogs are very cute and have extra skin.
"Aww what a cute nog!"
by Griffpay November 25, 2013
1. n. semen

2. v. to cause semen to be ejaculated, e.g. by masturbation of the penis.

3. v. to ejaculate semen onto or into a person.
Nog me, daddy. You know what it means.
by Hal Jackson May 09, 2006
Short for Noggin, some one who has done something silly and idiotic.

Only to be used when you cant be bothered to say noggin.
omgss. you are such a nog, you didnt put the milk in the tea!
by jenjen0204 August 31, 2009
ummm... she gave me nogs....
enough said you sick fuckers
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
semen, sperm, cum, skeet, or anything pertaining to male ejaculation juice.
My dad said he was going to pull out before he nogged, however, 9 months later I was born.

She was giving me head so I nogged her in the eye and yelled "Boom!!! Headshot."

"I'll give you a dollar to drink my nog."

My mom said she got raped and nogged on when she was in college.
by himcanswim July 20, 2009
Dick, penis, cock, male genitals does not include balls, nuts, and nads
Yo man watch out for my nog.
by pdibs June 13, 2009
Another word for Puke. This word comes from the phrase egg nog.
Dude I just nogged all over Mikes face! it was awesome!
by J-QUAD November 16, 2007

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