a term that can be used to describe something as disgusting.
"Dude that girl left a huge puddle of nog on my bed last night"

"Shannon is nog"

"Shannon's saggy, pankake titties are nog"

"I just nogged my pants"

"Ew, dude that was noggie"
#gross #ew #nasty #disgusting #gnar
by t strange December 16, 2006
Top Definition
Synonym for racial slur nigger. Derived from nigger, leading to nignog, leading to noggins, and shortened to nogs.
I'm playing basketball with a bunch of nogs today.
#nogs #noggins #noggin #nigger #nignog #black
by nogginmike January 13, 2008
A group of black people shuckin and jivin on a street corner.
Those nogs across the street just got uppity when I wouldn't give them a quarter.
#nigs #nig nogs #niggaz #negroids #negroes
by Bernardho January 12, 2008
1) a derogative term for an African American, originating in Schenectady NY. Short for "Nig nog".

2) Jeff's race horse
Sam: "Who robbed you last night?"
Stever: "I dunno, some fucking Nog."
by kraka January 19, 2005
a term of endearment for your best friend-- your Number One Girl. Similar to bae.
Bride: Thanks for throwing me a sweet bachelorette party. You know me so well!
Maid of Honor: No problem, that's why I'm the nog.
#bae #number one girl #best friend #bff #soulmate #your person
by Han.K December 19, 2014
A black person who acts like a nigger. Someone who is selfish and just cares about themselves. Someone who will fuck someone over in anyway to just better themself. A fucken piece of shit.
That fucken nog is a piece of shit who is going to get hung and beat for what he did.

I hate nogs they smell like shit and are grimey fucken niggers.
#nigger #shit #smelly #grimey #hung
by nog hater March 01, 2011
Use as an emote, this is an intensification of "nod", denoting more emphatic agreement. Originated with PvP MUDs.
dethsord: hey u wanna gank this noob w/me?
sephiroth7281: nog
#nod #emote #hell yeah #fuck yeah #yeah i want cheesy poofs
by chaos5023 June 17, 2011
A celebratory phrase yelled upon completion of an awesome task, especially that of intercourse.

Similar to the phrase "score"
-Dude, do you that hott chick from Bob Evans?
-Yeah, why?
-I tapped that.
#score #sick #nice #bob evans #tapped
by JimSmith3 January 10, 2011
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