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1.same word as nothing but you either have a muffin, or something in you mouth when being said.
2. what is said by a three year old
1."noffin." he said as food was falling out of his mouth
2."i didnt say noffin momma."
#food #slurr #nasty #year #muffin
by Quazy21 May 25, 2009
1. A person who is no fun.
2. A bad muffin.
3. A way to avoid offense when saying someone is no fun.
You are such a noffin for not going to that party.

That was the best noffin I have ever had.

No offense but, you are a noffin.
#nothing #fun #nothin' #muffin #offense
by robot alpha-beta72 August 11, 2010
the response to answering someones questioning
Hey whats up oh noFFin much how about you
#nothing #nuttin #nadda #not much #nm
by Dolores Corrado May 28, 2007
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