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a person who has a passionate and pointless hate for the sexy comedy god that is Noel Fielding.

Usually people who go to great lengths to state how much distaste they have for the man. Using lies involving words such as "immature", "shallow", "coked up", "tranny", "sold out"...

often heterosexual men, full to the brim of their trousers with jealousy and sexual confusion.
noely hater: "Oooooh. I hate that Fielding, with his stupid, cross dressing ways."

sane person: "Doesnt your girlfriend have a massive crush on him?..he's very funny."

noely hater: "Well.. yes. but i am a simpleton, who is full to the brim of my trousers with jealousy and sexual confusion."

sane person: "Oh."
by The one what shines the stars. April 15, 2009
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