A grotesque breed of sausage that is used to describe the most heinous of fat girls. A Noe is commonly chode-shaped with an overbearing desire for control, morality and belief in everything Mccain. In the wild, Noe's are generally found naked, nestled in between her roomates sheets, rubbing her unholy bottom half on her roomates' pillow.
Rugby girl 1: "Hey did you see Noe today?"
Rugby girl 2: "No,thank jesus, I hate that chode."
by Noefan1 October 16, 2008
alternate word for know
by your mom February 06, 2005
The most hainous of college students, a noe is typically found naked, wrapped in her roomates sheets, rubbing her ass on her roomates' pillow. A noe is chode shaped, often resembling that of a miniature sausage. A noe is usually republican is is not afraid to voice her ignorant views on abortion during times of incoherence.
Rugby girl 1: "Hey did you see Noe today?"
Rugby girl 2: "No, I hate that chode."
by weeeeeewomp October 28, 2008
A person or thing in which has a shape or loooks lyk a verga (penis).

Also is a gay person who is really jealous and talks shit when he has a girlfriend cuz he jus usin her as a cover up.

Someone who is a homosexual and loves it where they can get it. They lyk to trade shirts with right hand mans and take it whereever they can get it.

Can or has the name Noe associated wit the word lopez. Talks shit for a whole year but never does anythin!!
Noe: "Wtf U Talkin To Ma Chick For??"
Other Dude: "STFU Bitch Everyone Knows She's Ur Cover Up!!"
Noe: "Ur Point??"

Look Dat Guy Lookz Lyk A Penis.
Wow His Name Must Be Noe!!

Don't Those 2 Guyz Have Each others Shirts on??
Yea, Dat Mus Be Noe & His Right Hand Man
by Daniel g pimpin October 13, 2008

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