The natural state of college students.
"My roommate is asleep at 3 PM. I haven't seen her awake in a week."
"Oh; no worries. Mine is too. She's nocturnal."

"Dude, your paper is due in 12 hours."
"I'll get it done. I'm an owl, nocturnal."
by Nocturnal_Owl December 29, 2011
Dark or to do with Night time
"the icecream man came to my street at 2 am.. nocturnal bastard!"
by Anomynous April 05, 2005
Nocturnal hacks,chams,walls,u name it she does it!!!
Nocturnal: haha u died

Waffle's: OMG HACKER!!
by SteelWaffle August 11, 2009
A word to describe wierd poeple that you see at night and night time only.
The not nocturnals are out.
by Robert Kahn May 19, 2005
the best skateshop in the city of philadelphia. owned by kerry getz and mark brandstetter.
by xxcuntbagsk8r57xx August 16, 2009
When you're playing Black Ops and your shooting someone, and a guy on your team is behind you and steals your kill.
Yo, i was shooting this dude, and this douche behind nocturnaled my kill.
by battman811 January 07, 2011
the act of attaining pleasure through inserting a full fist into ones rectum
Tom claimed he stayed up all night doing his english coursework, but i'm sure he's nocturnal
by adka November 13, 2004

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