Rides nobs like a jockey
James Entwisle.
by Dominic Adatia January 13, 2004
Top Definition
another word for a homosexual male who "rides" cock like a jockey would ride a horse
Paul you nob jockey!
by Elcheifio September 04, 2003
used to describe man / woman who rides cock like a horse jockey

also used as an insult
that suzy is a world class nob jockey
Andrew you fucked up this report you complete nob jockey
by Jose February 05, 2004
alternative speeling of knobjockey. A derogatory term for a homosexual male. Also used to describe unliked heterosexual males.
Is he (possible gay male) a (k)nobjockey.
You are such a fucking nobjockey!
by Tim August 02, 2003
a penis rider(you like to have sexual intercourse with men)
you are a nob jockey (insult)
by Meli_Bug April 12, 2007
Faggot see queer Person who likes to ride nobs sic, see penis as if they were riding a horse. Can be applied to both male and female however is generally reserved for the homosexual male members of society. However can also be applied to a Heterosexual person as an insult.
Look at that dirty steaming nob jockey. I'll bet his poo chute is like a clown's pocket.
by Patrick Fitzgerald December 01, 2004
a way of describing someone as being homosexual by the way they cycle/ride an animal. By likening it to that of some one riding a cock. The use of "gidde up!" follows
Borris Johnsen when he rides his bike looks like a nobjockey
by Yoshi Meiosis February 09, 2004
many definitions. it literally means a person that like riding cock. this can be applied to slutty women or as an insult to both sexes.
shut your face you fuc*ing nob-jockey!
or , that girl is a dirty nob-jockey
by blu August 27, 2003
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